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Welcome to Our Site
In a little more than 20 years, LAURONRAC has grown leaps not only in Visayas but all over the country. Now, it employs 145 personnel with still more job and business opportunities ahead as the company expands its operations and product lines distributing and installing reputable brands of HITACHI, DAIKIN, GENERAL ROYAL, CARRIER, SAMSUNG and KOPPEL in addition to the repairs and services with respect to customers demand and satisfaction it has offered over the years. To provide everyone the most comfortable environment at home, at work, and at recreation and leisure centers through the best Heating, Ventilating and Air-conditioning services that this industry can offer. LAURONRAC cannot stop and will not stop to live up on this
Award of Success:
• Working together as one
• With continuous knowledge,
   skills, techniques, and
• With this passion for
   excellence, For we are
   highly motivated, goal and
   customer oriented force
• Yes we can achieve!
• The quickest after sales
   service response, the best
   comfort for everyone.
• Best comfort at hand, for a
   greater sense of wellbeing.
• To provide a comfortable
   environment through Heating,
   Ventilating and Air-